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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey there Submit 10 Baltimore-ons!

So, I was hanging around ArtScape this weekend, rain-drenched and all, and was completely blown away by the incredible artistic accomplishments and endeavors of this city (this was my first ArtScape).

For everyone involved - BRAVO!  I was alternately touched and shocked, and ended up pretty much giggling in awe the entire way through.

So quirky.

So, so quirky.

I love Baltimore.

For those of you who did NOT make it into the city last weekend...that is very sad.  However, you can make up for it on Monday, July 30th.

Many of these same folks who were peddling their wares and/or singing their hearts out ArtScape have either already been showing up, or told me that they have plans to attend Submit 10 Baltimore.

Word is REALLY spreading.  And we can thank each other for that.

It's a fun time, isn't it?!

Let's keep those expectations high...I have some new ideas in the works (hehe).

Here's what's on the immediate docket:

*  New Website!
Should be very user-friendly - - - submit/send me feedback from the site itself!
ALSO:  Direct links to your own CURRENT projects can be sent to me as well, and I will promote them on the site!  (just have patience, I'm still getting a handle on this thing...huge thanks to Jacob Fawcett for his design and expertise!)
AND:  If you have not already done so..."like" Submit 10 Baltimore on Facebook!

*  New Submit 10 Baltimore Challenges! (never a requirement, just a muse)  These will be announced at our next event, this Monday, July 30th.

*  Station North Community Cookbook!  Until the blessed day arrives when Liam's gets that kitchen up and running, I can think of no greater way of keeping the atmosphere un-pretensious (and safe, you know, with all that whisky floating around) than to share our recipes along with our words.  I am continuing to compile pdf's of the dishes that have already been brought in...for all you culinary artists out there, share your talents with a hungry crowd, and your dish will go into the cookbook.

*  Artistic Development:  Oh yes.  Big time.  Will keep you posted..Very exciting stuff being tossed about, here :)

Submit now, Submit often.

Still looking to fill up some slots for Monday.  7 days to go...
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