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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Has it REALLY been three weeks since we last saw one another?

In all honesty...this was mostly my fault, I have to admit.  Life demands, and such.   

But that was three weeks WAY too long!

Join us on Monday for a very special (and hopefully not too laborious) Labor Day event!

BRAND NEW submissions from BRAND NEW writers.  

Walk in the door by 7:30pm, and try your acting chops out in front of a friendly and loving crowd!

Many of us are contributing a special dish or two to share.  
Americana is always loved on this day, but it CERTAINLY not required.
Anything with mushrooms (the safe and edible kind) will receive special notice and prize.

Have questions?  Want details?  

Got ten minutes?  I bet you do!!!

Submit here :

...and keep those words coming.

This event remains possible now, and in the future, because of you.

See you Monday.
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