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Thursday, September 13, 2012
Hello Dear Submit 10 Baltimore talent, supporters, and enthusiasts!

On April 16th, 2012, Submit 10 Baltimore was launched with 10 submissions, 
limited PR,
and the hope that maybe there would be another event or two to follow.

Five months, and over 350 submissions later - we are STILL HAVING A TOTAL BLAST!

Due, by and large, to your overwhelming support.

Have you been yet???

If you haven't been down to Liam Flynn's to see our local baltimore community exhibit some damn fine work every other Monday, my suggestion to you is that this is the week to do so.  

Don't think.

Just do it.

And if you have been along for the ride with me this whole time, you better keep a firm grip.  
You are well-loved, and your presence is a necessary component of every event.

Lately, we are discovering new and FANTASTIC formats and genres - including open forum, mildly staged improvisation, and other audience interaction-based readings.
You know what that means, don't you?

We are changing the name of the game.

We are reinventing, 
and even wrenching brand new stories and styles coming directly out of Baltimore.

Keep experimenting!

THIS MONDAY - Submit 10 Baltimore Challenge #4 will be announced (thank you Max Garner)  - and your focus, enthusiasm, and creativity will be called upon in a brand new way! 

There's a reason why Submit 10 continues to inspire every crowd it draws.   
YOU make the experience work every night because you had both the courage and the open-mind to trust each other. 

Please LIKE "Submit 10 Baltimore" on Facebook! 

(if you haven't already, that is :)

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