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Friday, September 21, 2012
I'll be lots of fun.

Submit 10 Baltimore Challenge #4

"Assigned Co-Authorship"

Take the plunge!
The gauntlet is set...
Who is brave enough to write a BRAND NEW piece (play, short story, poem, music, whatever) with, what very well could be, a total stranger?

Sound quirky?  Sound crazy?  Well, that's Baltimore, for ya.  That's how we LIKE IT!

Sign up on Submit 10 Baltimore's Facebook Page
go ahead and email at:

Include your name and mention "Assigned Co-Authorship" as your interest.

You will be paired up and introduced cyber-ly!

There is NO DEADLINE for your co-authored submissions...just make sure BOTH authors are present during the event in which your piece will be read.

Questions?  Comments?  Send 'em along anytime!


The next Submit 10 Baltimore Event will be Monday, October 8th, 2012

STAY TUNED - some news ideas are coming your way next month.

Isn't this already much...FUN?!!!

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