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Saturday, November 3, 2012
Dear Submit 10 Baltimore supporters and participants,

I hope this email reaches you well and safe post-Hurricane Sandy.

Thank you for SIX incredible months of Submit 10 creative awesome-ness.  
We have covered the zany, wacky, touching, wistful, frightening, insightful, naughty, shocking, award-winning, distasteful, and the down-right wicked this year.
No other city could match the fascinating stories that we have conjured up, and continue to create together.

Only in Baltimore.

It remains a great ride...

A couple of autumn breezes will be key factors in determining the next Submit 10 Baltimore event.

Allow me to update you all on November happenings..

* I am helping to organize two (2) separate and FREE documentary screenings of "We're Not Broke" (, which screened at Sundance (among several other film festivals) this past year.  This film is as sobering as it is timely, and is extremely well-researched.  B-HEARD (Baltimore Higher Education Alliance for Real Democracy) and the Maryland PIRG are co-sponsoring these screenings and we have secured the presence of the director/producer Victoria Bruce, DC activist Ryan Clayton, and some of the tax experts featured in the film to speak with and take questions from the audience post-screening.

I cordially invite you ALL to join us this coming week!

Screening #1 - The Windup Space
Wednesday, November 7th - 7pm
12 W. North Avenue
Facebook invite:

Screening #2 - Towson University
Thursday, November 8th - 7pm
Lecture Hall Building #0238
Facebook invite:

Remember:  IT'S FREE!  

* Submit 10 Baltimore has reached a point wherein several crucial ideas, both new and previously discussed, and focusing on venue as well as execution, will be taking place.   As I continue to grow a team to assist me in implementing these integral steps, please KEEP SUBMITTING YOUR PIECES - particularly your PARTNERED CO-AUTHORSHIP ASSIGNMENTS!  Congrats Max Garner and Susan Sgroi!  A's for both of you!  (see???  it CAN be done!) 

As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  
As is your patience regarding all future Submit 10 Baltimore events.

Good things are a-coming...

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