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Monday, July 29, 2013

Submit 10 Baltimore is back.

"In Submit 10 *we all* share the process of writing, performing, and witnessing brand new work in brand new ways – all in an atmosphere in which FUN is the engine that drives the event." - Max Garner

"Submit 10 is a natural diversifier for any establishment it's housed in. Since writers come from all races, religions, ages and creeds, it's a wonderful opportunity to bring them all together. It gives writers and performers not only a chance to produce their work, but also to meet one another and network. Writing can be so solitary, but Submit 10 brings writers together in a creative way, and allows us to hear our work aloud free of judgement and ego."
 - Jessica Garrett

You didn't really believe that something so awesome, so fun, so quirky, and so uniquely accessible to all, could stay away forever, did ya?!?!?!?!

I didn't think so.

Please, take this time to dust off your Macbook.

Warm up those vocal chords.


Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 8pm (7:30pm casting)
Submit 10 Baltimore is re-launching as a traveling event, beginning one week after labor day at 
HomeSlyce Pizza and Wine Bar in Mt. Vernon, at 336 North Charles Street (

This is very exciting stuff, guys.

Gourmet Pizza (and other fantastic food items, including a completely VEGAN menu!), and Drink Specials means this will be one hell of a Submit 10 celebration after a long (yes, very long) hiatus.

There are so many new details and to-doings to share with you all...much, much, much to discuss!

"As a playwright, Submit 10 gives me what I need most, and historically receive the least...real-time audience feedback." - Peter Davis

I simply cannot tell you how much I have missed you all...both as creative individuals, as well as a creative unit who have an INCREDIBLE drive to support selfless story-telling in the beautiful city of Baltimore.

Thank you so much for your patience.
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.
Thank you so much for SPREADING THE WORD!

Now, here's how we're going to roll...

*  If you have previously submitted material over the past year and are still interested in having your piece read, no worries. Your lovely submissions saved in a very handy laptop.  Your pieces are being read (and in some cases re-read) and you will be contacted shortly (if you are no longer interested in having your material read, let me know ASAP)!

*  For everyone else...there is still time to submit (and yes, even those "Assigned Partnered" submissions! Rememberthose???)

Generally, Writers will be notified within about 3-4 days before a scheduled Submit 10 Baltimore event whether or not their piece has been selected for that Monday. 
This means, have patience! Your piece is probably in queue to be read! 

The Basics are still the same:

WRITERS (novice, professional, or curious): This is your opportunity to have your work read aloud to an enthusiastic, ego-free, and friendly audience. 
READERS (novice, professional, or curious): Here's a chance to spontaneously perform BRAND NEW MATERIAL. 


1. SUBMIT YOUR WORK. Submit whatever written material you've got to:
(plays, stories, poetry, music). 
Must be 10 minutes or less in PDF format.
Please include your name and COMPLETE contact info!

2. Encourage your friends, coworkers, local BMore artists, to stop by the event venue for the week and help us perform and/or support selected written submissions. 
ALL PERFORMERS MUST ARRIVE BY 7:30, look for host, Rachel Hirshorn, and let her know that you are interested in reading. 

3. Come to HomeSlyce Pizza and Wine Bar (
and enjoy awesome food and drink specials as your work is cast for a live reading ON THE SPOT.
No rehearsal, no rules. No ego, no pretension.
Just your words, live.
  "This work, work that I love writing and reading, work that is able to touch people, has no other outlet. It is work meant to be heard aloud, it is not meant to be read. I found a place at Submit 10 for this work; a fantastic audience, a warm and open host and the ear of both patrons and other writers." 
- Ben Forstenzer

Want more info? 

Also check out:  ( needs updating...badly.  I'm all over it :-)
Perfect place to submit material and/or send me your feedback!

Special and sincere thanks to Andy Rubin and Carlos Guillen.
Give them a big hug when you you see him on the 9th.
I mean it.

And finally - THANK YOU Submit 10-ers!  You make this event possible now, and in the future, because you had the courage to share your creativity with us.

"For those brave enough to venture into this honest, open and creative forum, your courage will be rewarded with applause, inspiration and new friendships.  In Baltimore we have music venues, film screenings, plays, art exhibitions and poetry readings but only one creative outlet like Submit 10 Baltimore." 
- Cheryl Wilson

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